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Vase - A distant green for a drier shade

This is just the kind of album that I enjoy listening to of a morn. I know not who this Stephen Lane character is, but he plays restrained, dinky hushed acoustic pop & dreamy laments with the aid of a rustic guitar & a Casio keyboard. I find the mood of this album thoroughly enchanting. His voice is a fragile, wistful thing that tenderly coats his rattly, twinkly lullabies beautifully. This is a delicate recording that exudes much warmth & intimacy, I've not been so engaged by this kind of music in a while. It often recalls prime early Static Caravan with its blissed merging of chinking music-box electronica & earthy sing-song folkish musings. In essence 'A Distant Green For a Drier Shade' is spiritually linked to much of the twinkly DIY stuff we used to sell bucket loads of 10 years ago. I can't start pushing any comparisons as every artist I consider seems a tad misleading. Vase has his own distinctive charm! Unstylized & pure of heart, this is one lovely, innocent recording that is truly loveable. Give it a home right now, you know you want Vase in your life!!

By Brian (Norman Records) 14th January 2011

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