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Vase - A Carving in The Wood

I really like this CD by Vase. As you probably realise by reading my weekly ramblings - I'm entirely fed up of all the records I have to review sounding exactly the same. So its nice to have something with a bit of originality to it. It's simple homespun singer songwriter stuff but has the kind of pastoral yearning that is lost in a lot of other records. At times it sits somewhere between Havergal and Empress (two of my favourite bands ever). But that could possibly mean absolutely nothing to you so try to think of an English rural Low battling against the Hefner/Darren Hayman back catalogue (it has that lispy English thing going on) or a minimalist lo-fi Start (or even Stuart) Murdoch (Belle and Sebastian) side project. Anyway I think you get the idea. Definitely worth a punt. On Hand Idiom Records.

By Clinton (Norman Records) 27th November 2006 .

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